Trapped in a world where Mythoi & Legends exists, Kristal must decide whether to accept her fate or let the world crumble into darkness.

The Elements of Luna is a fantasy, adventure story that I poured my heart into since

the very first draft I wrote back in 2011. It's about finding yourself and overcoming your fears to be brave again.

Originally I wanted The Elements of Luna to be a novel series, but after falling in

love with animation and comics (mostly anime and manga), I decided to make this into a comic series. It took me a long time to create the lore, characters, and story for my readers to enjoy reading.

Please consider in supporting me; every donation, purchase, patron, comment, and

share helps me a long way to continue my journey as an independent comic book artist.


Viewer discretion is advised: The Elements of Luna is unsuitable for

younger audiences and contains violence and strong language.

The Elements of Luna is originally created and manged by a single person - who does

the writing and artwork behind the comic. Your patience is wonderfully valued for upcoming updates and more.

Thank you so much for your support!

Volume I cover coming soon!

Comic update!

September 13, 2018
Edit: November 30, 2018
Chapter 1, Page 01 coming soon!

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